• The 1st Trimester - Part 1

    Hooray, we're pregnant! All things new! Who do you tell first, who don't? This is where Mama Selfcare begins for you.

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  • The 1st Trimester - Part 2

    This is what your everyday life looks like in the first few weeks of pregnancy - and this is what it looks like for others who have no idea.

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  • The 1st Trimester - Part 3

    Right from the first trimester of pregnancy , the following applies to you: intuition first, mom self-care first.

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  • Pregnant! 12 tips for the first 12 weeks

    Here is my very personal list of tips and tricks for you on how to get through this exciting time.

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  • The 2nd trimester: take a deep breath!

    Yes: The critical weeks are done! Oh that's right, I'm pregnant! Things often get easier in the second trimester.

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  • The baby news bullshit bingo

    Here our personal - experienced! - Top 10 most inappropriate reactions to the news that we are pregnant.

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  • 18 little helpers for your pregnancy

    From ginger to nux vomica: Here is a small list of the things that have helped me through previous pregnancies.

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  • The 3rd trimester: final sprint!

    Help, I can't see my feet anymore! My clothes are just as tight as I am! This is typical for the 3rd trimester.

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  • Preparing for birth: breathing instead of pushing

    Here are my personal learnings shortly before my third birth for a relaxed birth preparation:

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  • 20 must-haves for your hospital bag

    What goes in your hospital bag? It should always be ready to hand and packed when you are about to give birth. My personal must haves.

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  • Between two children: A mother reports

    This is the wonderful guest post from Mama Caro, who just gave birth to her second child - and has to let go of her first "baby" for it. The emotional chaos at the beginning, about the desperate attempt to do justice to everyone and yet having to make a decision.

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  • "Papa dear": Report of a mother between two children

    As a mom, how do you deal with it when the big child suddenly prefers dad?! This is Mama Caro's report. She is a mother of two daughters, one and a half years and three weeks old.

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  • My inner child is not my daughter: A mom's account

    What patterns do we carry within us as parents? How were we ourselves as a child, how did we perceive our own parents? Mama Caro writes about this in her wonderful and clever guest post:

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  • The ultimate postpartum bullshit bingo

    Hooray, the baby is here! And with it the dear postpartum visit. Here is a selection of sentences you have experienced yourself that you may encounter as a new mom.

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  • Rare like a unicorn: The perfect postpartum visit

    Many want to be, even more think they are, very few know what's really going on with mom and baby - especially when he's gone: the postpartum visit.

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  • Write SELFCARE in capital letters: Do's & Don'ts in childbirth

    Chill, chill chill, because the baby wants to sleep: what should you do and what not in the first eight weeks after the birth of your baby? The top priority is: Relax.

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  • Willkommen in der Vorwurf-Spirale der Eltern

    "Ich hab doch schon den Geschirrspüler ausgeräumt, was willst du denn NOCH?!" - "ICH hab die halbe Nacht wach gelegen und das Baby gestillt, ICH hab seit vier Uhr nicht geschlafen UND Frühstück gemacht!" Na, kennste?

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  • Hilfe - Ich glaub, ich brauch professionelle Hilfe

    Wenn du das für dich erkannt hast, ist der erste Schritt bereits geschafft. Glückwunsch, Mama! Hier sind viele Anlaufstellen für dich, professionell und gratis.

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