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  • Mission Mama Selfcare - That's why it's so important to me

    Why is Mama Selfcare so important to me?! I didn't even have the topic on the screen before the children - until I became a mom myself. And everything had to be rearranged.

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  • Self-care – why me now?!

    How do you care for your child or children, mom? You meet their needs. You may not be meeting all of their desires, but you will be meeting their basic needs.

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  • Take the test: What do you need most right now?

    Team yoga, team bathtub, team Netflix or team work out? What can you do to make yourself happy right now? Find out in the personality test!

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Sisterhood in Motherhood

When I tell other mom businesses about my mission, they are immediately enthusiastic and show much more commitment than many of the men I have written to. You really want to help. And so we support each other and are now friends. And that's how I really did it. From the notary to the graphic designer, from the consulting yoga teacher, from the cork farmer to the accountant, working with women, especially with moms. Well, a few wonderful men help me too - but only those who are just as enthusiastic about the idea of ​​supporting moms!

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Self-doubt and being overwhelmed as a mom?


Am I really a good mom if I wish for some time off? The answer is: YES, you ARE a good mom BECAUSE you take time off! That's the only way you can give! What do you want to give when your batteries are empty, mom?!