LAVENDRA™ - Meine Mission, Meine Vision

LAVENDRA™ - My Mission, My Vision

Hi, I'm Vivian! Mom of three adorable children (6, 3 and 0) and founder of the LAVENDRA™ brand.

My second daughter was born in the middle of the 2020 lockdown. I was suddenly in childbirth with a three-year-old daycare child, had just moved between 120 moving boxes, and apart from the midwife I had no real contact with the outside world.

I started asking myself and other moms - at least on the phone:

How the hell are you not freaking out?! Do you have a secret and if so, which one?

  • I asked my midwife, herself a mother of three. She said structure is important. Plan every day, every week.
  • I asked my cousin, mother of four. She said: I get up an hour before everyone every morning – even if it means it's five o'clock – and give myself an hour to myself: for yoga, for daddling, for reading… Sometimes I just sit in the morning at five in the living room spinning my magic cube. My husband and my children know: Mum must not be disturbed under any circumstances! This time is sacred to me!
  • My best friend said : I pursue the hobby that I had before I had children. It reminds me of the old days, my old self, and I'm more myself again.
  • Another said: I usually go to the gym once a week. That's gone now, but I take this lesson and do sports at home with online courses.

I asked one friend after another. Many had no idea and muddled around just like me and were about to go crazy. They were just as unsettled and extra burdened by the pandemic.

But, we agreed: Talking to them on the phone helped. Just throw up and confirm: We have the same problem here, you are not alone. That's why honesty and solidarity is sooo important, especially among moms!! And that, too, is self-care: to exchange ideas honestly.

I started researching maternal health and self-care. Of course, also initially in your own interest. But also to help my friends.

I thought: What do we moms give each other for our birthdays, for Christmas? Mostly bath foam, candles, maybe nail polish or body lotion - right?! Behind this is the really wonderful message: Take a break, treat yourself!

But only bath foam? Wouldn't my cousin be a lot happier with a Rubik's Cube?

And that's how the mission came about: I want to help moms to create awareness that self-care is extremely important for them as moms. I want to help them to create small rituals and relaxation islands for themselves for everyday life, where they can recharge their batteries every day.

I also want to take away the eternal doubts about whether you really are a good mom - just because you want a break.

The answer is: YES, you ARE a good mom BECAUSE you take time off! That's the only way you can give! What do you want to give when your batteries are empty, mom?!

This is how the LAVENDRA brand was born: It should sound like a woman's name associated with relaxation - for me lavender. The subtitle “You're a wonderful Mama” should be in every corner of your apartment: Whenever you doubt yourself, you encounter a little reminder somewhere: bullshit. You're a wonderful mom. 😉

I myself am completely new to this whole field and have read up on an incredible amount of knowledge during this lockdown and during the entire parental leave: about self-care, retail, entrepreneurial things, logo development, trademark registration, shop development, product research, material science etc. etc....

But three things were clear from the start:

  1. The products I develop should be as sustainable as possible. The entire supply chain should be sustainable. I want my kids to play on yoga mats and I want my baby to lick the paint off the mat and nibble on the mat, all non-toxic and organic. Short delivery routes, preferably directly from the organic farm, nothing from China. Yoga mats made of cork - because cork bark is harvested from the tree and grows back. No tree is felled. To avoid waste: Small print runs and best of all print on demand: This way only what is really desired is produced and resources are conserved.
  1. I want to use part of the income to help the mothers who need our support the most: for example refugee mothers. Especially when I was in bed I had to think sooo often about fleeing mothers: giving birth on the run, not being able to ask a midwife, no longer in diapers, no food, not enough clothing, no medicine... Maybe a small child at the side or two... All unimaginable! My great-grandmother lost her youngest child, a little girl, while trying to escape. This is still the reality for so many moms out there today. I've made a lot of private donations for years, but it wasn't enough for me. I thought: In order to be able to donate more, I have to take in more.
  1. I want to work with women, preferably with moms. I want to promote and support female businesses. I want to celebrate Sistahood. It took me months to find a cork farm in Europe for the yoga mat I developed that is also 80% run by women - from the plantation to the CEO board (okay, there are 2 quota men in of management). But I found it and I'm proud of it!
A nice side effect: When I tell other mom businesses about my mission, they are immediately enthusiastic and show much more commitment than many men I have written to. You really want to help. And so we support each other and are now friends.

And that's how I really made it: from notary to graphic designer, from consulting yoga teacher, to cork farmer to accountant, to work with women, especially with moms. Well, a few wonderful men help me too - but only those who are just as enthusiastic about the idea of ​​supporting moms!

Because: If you take care of yourself, you take care of your children!

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