Hilfe, ich bin schwanger! 12 Tipps für die ersten 12 Wochen

Help I'm pregnant! 12 tips for the first 12 weeks

Congratulations, you are going to be a mom! For the first time - or again? In any case, it is always excitingly new and always connected with an incredible amount of feelings and chaos.

I can relate, Mom! It is and was like that for all of us, believe me. You're not alone.

Here is my very personal list of tips and tricks for you on how to get through this exciting time:

  1. Take care of yourself and your body: you need rest, treat yourself to rest. You want to eat certain things, eat them. You suddenly don't like certain things anymore: avoid them. Cancel appointments without a guilty conscience. In the fully occupied bus, actively ask if you can sit right here. take care of yourself Mama Selfcare begins with pregnancy.
  1. Draw boundaries now more than ever. You protect yourself and your unborn baby. Why you draw boundaries and who you annoy with it is secondary. Decide who may and may not know, and choose wisely.
  1. write diary This whole mess in your head, heart and stomach, write it down - otherwise you will have sleepless nights.
  1. Although, you probably have anyway. Sleep a lot, go to bed early. It's you mom.
  1. Mom vitamins can be useful - after consultation with your gynecologist, of course!
  1. Take photos of your stomach regularly. At best with the start of each new week of pregnancy. In the end you will be amazed.
  1. Get a pregnancy app that will guide you and show you how big your baby is and which body parts are developing this week. This will help you understand this miracle. Most apps also contain valuable tips for the current phase of pregnancy. You can determine how much you reveal about yourself in the app settings.
  1. Don't worry too much about showing your belly yet. Most people don't - even when they stare directly at it, it usually doesn't cross their mind that you might be pregnant - simply because it's not part of their own environment.
  1. Talk to your gynecologist about which sport you can do now and how. In yoga, for example, certain exercises are out of the question from the second trimester at the latest, such as inversion exercises or asanas that put a lot of strain on your abdominal muscles.
  1. Find out now about parental allowance and finances. You don't have to know for sure who takes parental leave when and how much, but definitely talk about it.
  1. Find a midwife now. Good midwives are treasures of gold, and treasures of gold are rare. Midwives themselves are rare. The good news: Since most midwives are really passionate midwives - at least they certainly don't do their job because of the good pay - they are usually really great, empathetic and competent. But of course there are personal tastes and personalities. Listen to your intuition: if it doesn't fit after getting to know each other, find someone else. You're going to be so sensitive in postpartum that if your main caregiver who is supporting you during this time doesn't flow with you, it can be very, very frustrating and mess you up even more than you already are. A good midwife is your rock and you will thank her every day for being there for you. There are now portals like ammely.de, a kind of contact exchange for midwives in your area.
  1. Being pregnant means having good hope. Means: Be positive, trust in life. The little subtenant who is staying with you on a trial basis has chosen YOU as a mum. Isn't that a miracle?!

Don't worry - despite all the chaos and ignorance in your life. Breathe mom Everything will be fine.

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