18 kleine Helferlein für deine Schwangerschaft

18 little helpers for your pregnancy

Here is a small list of the things that have helped me through all my pregnancies so far:

1. Nux Vomica - against nausea

2. Ginger - against nausea

3. Travel sickness tablets or rubber drops from the drugstore (note the package leaflet)

4. Diary - against emotional chaos and good for reminiscing later - and admiring yourself every day

5. Pregnancy app - for info, bonding, tips

6. Pregnancy yoga - to stay fit, for bonding, also helps enormously with childbirth - be sure to find out which asanas work and which don't!

7. non-slip organic yoga mat - especially during pregnancy. Your body balance is a bit shaky and needs stability - and you certainly don't want to breathe in TPE, glue, PVC etc. deeply. That's why I developed my own mat for you: The ATHIRA .

8. Yoga block - even if you haven't needed one before - as immobility increases (belly in the way, etc.) it is a useful helper. For example yoga block SAHIRA .

9. Tummy oil - for itchy tummies and stretch marks

10. First name book - for inspiration and maybe even the final name

11. comfortable, elastic clothing - also borrowed from mom friends

12. Fascia roller - against back tension from the 2nd trimester. You need it until well after the birth and it keeps baby carriers fit. So the investment is worth it!

13. Nursing pillow - ideal for sleeping on your side from the 2nd trimester and later when breastfeeding

14. Magnesium - for early labor pains, fatigue, stressful days; relaxes the uterine muscles - discuss taking it with your midwife! -

15. A daily reminder in your cell phone as an affirmation and crisis helper. e.g. "Everything will be fine.", "You can do it, you have already mastered so much!", "We are hopeful, so breathe deeply." What you like and helps you!

16. For future siblings: preparatory books like “A Sibling for Leonie” and Co.

17. packed hospital bag: lip balm for panting, comfortable, breastfeeding-friendly clothing, warm socks , long (!) cell phone cable , maternity pass, refreshing organic shower gel , dry shampoo, aromatic oil, wellness, power bars... More on this in our own article .

18. Wrapped gift for future sibling(s), e.g. baby doll : If the sibling is allowed to visit mom and baby in the hospital after the birth and they both stay there, they will definitely not want to leave again. A “tempting offer” can make sense: “There’s a gift waiting for you at home!” Tell dad where it is first. ;-)

Disclaimer: Behind the links are heartfelt recommendations. I receive a small commission if you buy something from it and you receive a tried and tested good product. Deal? :-)
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