Das erste Trimester der Schwangerschaft: Ein Beziehungstest für deine Freundschaften - und der erste Schritt zur Mama Selfcare - Teil 3

The first trimester of pregnancy: A relationship test for your friendships - and the first step to mom self-care - part 3

The top priority for you starts with the first trimester of pregnancy: MAMA SELFCARE FIRST.

Mama Selfcare includes the first lesson:

  • Take care of yourself, you take care of your baby. Your baby is more important than offended friends who now have to party without you.
  • You protect your boundaries, you take care of yourself, you listen to your body. If your body says we need rest, you lie down. If your body says I need green vegetables right now, namely 1st, broccoli, 2nd, edamame and 3rd seaweed salad, you send your partner and he/she should get EXACTLY THAT for you. You both don't know why, it doesn't matter. Don't question. Make.
  • If your body tells you, it's better to buy the organic body lotion and not the usual cream with questionable ingredients, do it. At least now.
  • Your body suddenly hates certain smells, including your favorite perfume, bubble bath, deodorant? Find out what scents he likes now.
  • Your intuition advises you: Google “saffron and risk of miscarriage” again before you devour this delicious portion of tagliatelle with salmon and extra saffron sauce at the Italian restaurant – oh, I see! Well then, no saffron either. Or the fancy non-alcoholic hipster drink with basil seeds for extra crunch? These are all things that aren't as reliably on the no-go list for pregnant women as salami and sushi.

So self-care also and above all means: Listen to your intuition and follow it. Then you are on the right track - and nothing can stop you.

And: enjoy this time, despite all the hormones and nausea. Enjoy the time when hardly anyone knows your secret. That time when you wrap yourself in a cocoon to recalibrate and redefine yourself.

When the time is right, you emerge from your cocoon as a radiant, pregnant butterfly. But first comes the metamorphosis – in the first trimester.

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