Das 2. Trimester der Schwangerschaft: Ach so, ich bin ja wirklich schwanger!

The 2nd trimester of pregnancy: Oh, I'm really pregnant!

Congratulations! The first critical 12 weeks of pregnancy are over.

The baby has made itself comfortable and the probability that it will stay increases many times over: from the 18th week of pregnancy it is around 98%. A stone falls from your heart!

If not, always remember: We are GOOD Hope. And your baby can't use fear hormones all the time either.

You're probably getting better too, Mom. For you it is like the reward after the first few weeks of the changeover. You've gotten used to your new condition - both physically and mentally.

If you're lucky, you'll feel so good that you often ask yourself: Am I really pregnant?! It all feels so normal! Then you see the toothpaste stain on your shirt, where your stomach is, and you know: yup, I'm pregnant!

However, it is also possible that the symptoms of the first trimester will remain for a while, in the worst case not going away until the birth. But that is rather rare.

It is the time when you have to decide on many tests at the gynaecologist: toxoplasmosis, iron values, vitamin D values, if necessary fetal test, large or small sugar test, ... Find out more, ask questions and listen to your gut feeling. For example, I always took all the tests with me for three children, even if they had to be paid for.

The best thing: You will feel your baby in your stomach for the first time during this time.

Admittedly, I also had times when I felt a certain inner panic when I thought intensively about how creepy that actually is:

There lives a person in my belly!

He makes my stomach shake and kicks my bladder! I can not help it! My body is no longer mine alone!

What helped me: To tell myself: trust the monkey mother in you. This is nature. Nature does it. Don't think too much. Breathe and trust.

If you don't feel anything: Don't panic either! For example, do you know where your placenta is - in front or behind? With my second child I had what is known as an anterior placenta, ie the placenta lay between my abdominal wall and the child. I felt very few kicks and nudges because they fizzled out in the placenta like in a pillow and nothing reached the outside. Ask your gynecologist about it.

Now the nest-building instinct is slowly kicking in: Now quickly rearrange the children's room, now quickly use the strength - who knows how mobile I'll still be in the third trimester!

But please, don't overexert yourself, Mom! Even if some days after the first hard weeks of pregnancy you feel like you can uproot trees again. And always have magnesium with you for emergencies. - Ask your midwife or gynecologist about this.

You're starting to see your tummy, and it's really time to announce the pregnancy at some point.

But how? You will find out in this article. (Link)

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