Das Baby-News Bullshit Bingo

The Baby News Bullshit Bingo

OK, you have a plan. You know how you finally want to tell your family/girlfriend/boss. In the vast majority of cases, the reaction will be exactly what you envision: exuberant happiness, hugs, maybe even tears.

But there are times when you tell people who don't respond to your baby news the way you thought they would.

Don't worry: this is probably not because of you, but because of them and their own issues and insecurities that they carry around while you drop them the great news.

Here our personal - experienced! - Top 10 most inappropriate reactions to the news that we are pregnant

10. Oh? Was that planned?

09. Well, maybe it will be a boy/girl after all.

08. But one of each kind would be nicer, wouldn't it? Like me!

07. Isn't that already a high-risk pregnancy at your age? Aren't you scared?

06. So I am happy with the number of children I have!

05. Two/three/four children? Do you even dare to do that?!

04. Really? Why another one like this?!

03. Congratulations! You are fired!

02. Beautiful! Well, back to me and my topics: (...)

01. God no! One more reason to worry!

Which sayings were you allowed to listen to? What were the nicest? Write it in the comments!

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